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Important Notice: We'd love to work with you if you have unused toner cartridges. We do NOT accept used or recycled materials.

Turn Your Unused Printer Cartridges into Cash in Connecticut with Toner NJ

Are you looking for a way to make the most out of those unused printer cartridges in your Connecticut home or office? Toner NJ ( offers an excellent opportunity to sell your unused printer cartridges and earn some cash. This article highlights the advantages of selling your unused printer cartridges and guides you through the process with Toner NJ.

The Perks of Cashing in on Unused Printer Cartridges

Boost Your Income: By selling your unused printer cartridges to Toner NJ, you can generate additional income from your surplus supplies.

Organize Your Space: Removing excess printer cartridges from your home or workspace results in a more efficient and tidy environment.

Go Green: When you sell your unused printer cartridges for cash, you’re promoting recycling and waste reduction, contributing to a healthier planet.

Enjoy a Seamless Process: Toner NJ takes the hassle out of selling unused printer cartridges by offering a streamlined and convenient process.

The Steps to Sell Unused Printer Cartridges in Connecticut via Toner NJ

Explore Toner NJ’s Website

Start by visiting Toner NJ’s official website:

Submit a Quote Request

Locate the “Request a Quote” form on Toner NJ’s homepage and complete it with the necessary information about the printer cartridges you want to sell. This will help you obtain a price estimate.

Provide Accurate Product Information

Include essential details about your printer cartridges, such as brand (e.g., HP, Canon, Xerox), model number, condition, and quantity.

Obtain a Price Quote

After evaluating your quote request, Toner NJ will offer a price for each product. Remember that the pricing estimate assumes your cartridges are original, genuine, and OEM. Toner NJ does not purchase generic, compatible, or remanufactured cartridges.

Arrange for Shipping

If you agree to Toner NJ’s price quote, they will cover shipping costs for orders totaling $49 or more. Make sure to securely package your printer cartridges and send them to Toner NJ’s facility.

Receive Your Payment

Toner NJ will promptly issue your payment once they have received and inspected your printer cartridges.

In Conclusion

Toner NJ presents a straightforward and lucrative opportunity to sell unused printer cartridges in Connecticut. By following their easy process, you can not only earn extra income but also declutter your space and support eco-friendly initiatives. To ensure a smooth transaction, provide accurate information on the quote request form and confirm that your products are original, genuine, and OEM. With Toner NJ’s competitive pricing, free shipping for eligible orders, and swift payment, selling your unused printer cartridges has never been more effortless or rewarding.